Social Media Marketing Week Day Classes in Manhattan, NYC

The role of the Social Media Manager is becoming more and more important and in demand when it comes to Online Marketing and Branding –and it doesn’t matter if it is for a small company or a big corporation.

If you landed on this site, you were lucky to find the best Social Media Marketing Classes your money can buy. Join Bloggers School’s “Social Media & Online Marketing Manager” Workshop to be ahead of the curve and add some valuable skills to your resume!

Save your seats right now!

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Learn To Be A Social Media Manager In NYC And On Long Island

If you are trying to become a Social Media Manager, improve your skills or hire someone to do that job, this class is for you!

Are you a business ownerPR professional orMarketing manager in need of getting your Social Media & Online Marketing Strategy in place? Then you are well aware that Blogs and Social Networks such as FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn and several others can open doors for you, your business and your ideas, making them more accessible to your potential clients and audience.

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$50.00 Discount On All Social Media Classes On Long Island And In Manhattan

Hi there! How was you weekend?
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Join our page, RSVP for the workshop “Blogging, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube: Using Social Media For Business $50 discount for any upcoming social media class sessions. If you want to bring someone else, a partner or a friend, call us asking how you can get a even better deal!

So call for discount so you don’t miss out. Come prepared to learn a lot!

All the best!

Bloggers School Team
John A Ciampa – (516) 232-3463

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Looking For Social Media Classes In NYC? Bloggers School Has You Covered!

Social Media is one of the most current trending topics, not only when it comes to technology, news and journalism.  It is also used for business, acquiring Blogging and Online Marketing skills and is basically a must for any professional, entrepreneur or studentBloggers School, an educational source for Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies, offers on regular basis, live classes in New York City and online classes in English.

Whether you are a PR or advertising professional, looking to learn more about Social Media Marketing or a business owner interested in implementing an Online Marketing Strategy for your company or just an individual trying to bring more visibility to your hobby or side project, Bloggers School has a series of classes and training sessions that approach both theoretical and practical concepts on Social Media, Blogging and Online Marketing for clients and students, from basics to advanced.

Our management team currently has a combined library of over 20 blogs in various topics, including, but not limited to, sports, news, commentary, adult content, and online radio.  Our tutors expertise comes solely from real-world experience with our clients that we convey to our students.

For those interested in a deep immersion into the Social Media and Online Marketing Worlds, looking to learn more about Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in order to develop a long term plan, we suggest our Social Media Sundays Series.  If you already have you strategy set, and need to turn thoughts into practice, learn more about Bloggers School Social Media Hands On Training, a full day with different sessions that will bring your Social Media skill and actions to live!

Stay tuned for your schedule of upcoming Blogging & Social Media Classes and Events. If you are still not sure about what lessons you should attend, drop us a line or call John at (516) 232-3463 for more information and questions


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing For Your Blog, Site & Content

Ranking your website, blog posts, products, promotions and products on the first page of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing shouldn’t be a random thing. Creating great content is certainly the fundamental step to get a desired results when people are searching for what you have to offer. However, there are also several techniques and concepts involved in a proper and efficient Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy.

Bloggers School session SEO Marketing For Your Blog, Site & Content will cover all the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization, besides basic to advanced concepts necessary to better understand how search engines work.

Another goal of this class to help traditional content creators to understand and figure out new ways to put out information about their brands using Social Media tools, making it findable for the main search engines by using SEO. It’s not about trying to reach out to every single person, but to make sure you connect with the ones who are actually looking for what you have to offer!

If you are a Blogger, a Social Media Manager, PR professional or even a Business Owner interested in bringing more visitors to your blog and redirect more visibility or sales for your business, this session is for you! This class is also strongly recommended for Traditional Marketers, Citizen Journalists and Mainstream Media Communicators in need to learn how to become more visible by using New Media & Web 2.0 tools.

Bloggers School will expose the primary and most common mistakes when it comes to SEO, besides showing some examples of well optimized pages and successful study cases Register For Class Here..

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Blogging, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube: How To Use Social Media For Business & Personal Branding

Are you a business owner, PR professional or Marketing manager in need of getting your Social Media & Online Marketing Strategy in place? Then you are well aware that Blogs and Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeLinkedIn and several others can open doors for you, your business and your ideas, making them more accessible to your potential clients and audience.

Understanding what Social Media is and what kind of actions you should take can put you on the top of your game

Part of the Social Media Sundays Workshop Series, this class will help you to figure out how the power of technology and the transition between Mainstream Media and New Media has been affecting your business.  Attendees will also learn how you can advertise your business, spending less money for a bigger target audienceBloggers School tutors will guide you to develop the Social Media Strategy appropriated for your personality and business, besides teaching you how to use several Social Media tools to do Market Research to better understand your audience.

This session is strongly recommended for individuals working on corporate Social Media campaigns and implementing a Social Media Plans for business.  A good part of our lesson is going to be dedicated to questions and answers on how to apply Social Media for business and in corporate environments, so bring your questions!

Bloggers School tutors will be covering

  • Facebook: Personal Profile vs. Like Page: How to engage yourself and your business
  • Twitter: understanding the search and how to use the results to engage as a business or person
  • YouTube: optimize your channel to show up on Google
  • Blogging: How-to create killer content through blog posts or even joining discussions to create leads or bring your clients closer to your brand
  • Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization): a few things you must know when it comes to creating a home for your business online
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WordPress & Blogging Techniques: Using WP As A Blog Or A Social Site

Many professionals and corporate PR teams are still unsure about what platform to use to build a virtual/online presence.    Most just go ahead and open an account on BlogSpot, not realizing that this is not actually the best option.  Several others already have a WordPress blog/site, but they are still unsure about how to use it properly or get the most out of WordPress as a publishing tool.

Acquire some Blogging Skills and learn some Techniques in order to blog more effectively by using WordPress. Understanding  how to use the WP plugin to develop a fully functional Social Platform, will enable to use it either as a website or a blog.  This class is also suggested for traditional programmers and web designers interested in learning more about Web 2.0.

Bloggers School will be teaching you

  • The difference between a blog and a site (and when they are the same thing)
  • The difference between WordPress, BlogSpot and why WP  is the best option for your personal or corporate sites/blog
  • Hosting Issues and how to install the WordPress plug in on your own domain
  • Migrating your content from BlogSpot or to your self hosted WordPress
  • How to optimize, change templates, customize, install plug ins and publish on a self hosted WordPress

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